How good it is to know that you are here, with us, because that is our greatest purpose: to bring together unique people, in a unique way and on a unique planet.

Hey, Darling!

Hope you don’t mind that we call you “darling”, it is our way of showing how dear you are to us. In fact, that is also how we call our brand and products, as they are designed to make you feel positive and loved every step of the way.

Every “darling” is made to last beyond the season, with a focus on craftmanship and comfort to empower you to be your true self. We make pieces you will want to keep forever.

Hey, Planet

Nature is also our dearest darling and inspiration. It’s in her and without hurting her, that we find the perfect natural materials for our sustainable products.

Everything we make has an impact on our darling people and planet, and that´s why we have our environmental and social responsibility rules:

We only use organic fibers, we believe in small, non-wasteful collections, and we demand the best practices from all involved regarding ethical working conditions. 

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