Hey, darling

How good it is to know that you are here, with us, in this community, because that is our greatest purpose: to bring together unique people, in a unique way and on a unique planet.
We called you “darling”, we hope you don’t mind, it’s our way of showing those around us how dear they are to us.
In fact, that is also how we call our products, as they are designed to make you feel good every step of the way, and how we call the world in which we live, as it is something that we highly esteem and want to preserve.
Our community, “our darlings”, is made up of people from all areas, inspiring humans, with stories to share, passionate about what they do and how they live. People like our founders who once met in a Lisbon café and decided that together they could start writing this story.

People like you, my darling.

Hey, Comfort

We have a clear mission: sustainability in clothing can be synonymous with comfort and design. But we want to be much more than a clothing brand, we want to design moments of comfort that contribute to people’s emotional well-being and therefore make them true ambassadors of positivity towards those around them and their planet.

Hey, Planet

Our products are born and manufactured in Portugal. They all meet the highest sustainability requirements because they use 100% organic cotton and are dyed with environmentally friendly paints. We are also in a constant process of research and development for new methods that take this concern even further. We are currently, for example, testing two new products made from recycled fibres and/or plastic waste taken from the ocean.

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Hey, darling
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